Regulations for Producers to Sell in the Maryland Exchange

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange has posted proposed regulations that would govern the processes that would allow producers to sell qualified health plans in the Maryland Health Insurance Exchange.  These proposed regulations can be found HERE.

These regs are open for public comment, with comments due by Wednesday September 19th, 2012.

Some highlights of these regs include:

-Producers must be licensed AND appointed with EVERY carrier offering a qualified plan in the exchange.

-Both the SHOP Exchange and Individual Exchange will have a course/training requirement as well as a fee ($75 for authorization).

-Renewal of ceritification will occur annually.

-Producers will be required to attend an annual training.

-Producers will be required to complete 8 hours of CEs on EXCHANGE APPROVED topics.  These may or may not also be CEs that can be credited for your Life & Health license.

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