Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Issues RFI

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange has released an RFI geared to gathering more information prior to an RFP which will result in the Exchange contracting with one or more Navigator Entities, who will, in turn, staff Navigators and Assistors in enrolling individuals in both the SHOP and Individual Exchange.

The RFI can be found here.

It is important to note that insurance producers and their agencies CAN RESPOND TO THIS RFI, and should very strongly consider doing so.  This RFI is purposely designed so that the Exchange can learn more from stakeholders and those with industry knowledge about how to reach, distribute, engage, educate, and enroll large populations into health insurance plans.  The exchange already will be relying heavily on brokers and producers to become certified and be the primary source of distribution within the Exchanges, but by responding to this RFI, you can further validate the capabilities of the broker/producer, and entice the Exchange to limit the amount of Navigators that get placed into the marketplace.

The fewer the Navigators, the more opportunity brokers and producers will have not only to retain existing business, but actually grow their business through opportunities and selling within the Exchange.

While guidance has not been officially released, brokers/producers should have a fairly easy time receiving certification to sell within both Exchanges, giving them a distinct competetive advantage over navigators, as they will be limited to selling only within the Exchange.

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