PPACA Upheld by Supreme Court

As you undoubtedly know, all provisions of PPACA were upheld by the United States Supreme Court.  While the law itself may be viewed as unpopular, in many ways this is still probably the best outcome for our industry in Maryland.

Regardless of the Supreme Court decision, Maryland has been moving full steam ahead with the establishment of our exchange.  Had PPACA been overturned by the Supreme Court, the State Legislature would have passed their own laws and regulations that would have mimicked those overturned on the Federal level.  The biggest difference though would have been the loss of Federal funding for many pieces of the Exchange, meaning Marylanders would have been forced to carry a much greater financial burden during the implementation of the Exchange.  With Federal support still in place, that financial burden, while still evident, will not be nearly as great.

What remains to be seen is how the upcoming elections will impact the makeup of Congress.  Should a Republican Congress vote to repeal the Tax associated with the mandate, then it is possible that the issue could be revisited at the Supreme Court level, based on the wording of their ruling.  Of course the other options are for a full repeal, for additional legislation to "clean up" the law, or for nothing to happen at all.

The fact is that the Supreme Court ruling is an important phase in the implementation of PPACA, but it by no means will end the debate and ammedments surround this law.

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