Broker Compensation, In or Out?

Should broker compensation be in or out of the medical loss ratio requirements? This is the question soon to be at the front of the healthcare reform debate in Washington. A bill soon to be introduced on Capitol Hill, takes this issue head on. The "broker bill," co-sponsored by a Democrat and a Republican aims to remove broker compensation from the medical loss ratio requirements. With the introduction of this new bill, the medical loss ratio debate is likely to intensify. This issue is quickly gaining steam as witnessed by articles in both The New York Times and Politico. I would encourage you to read both articles and spend some time reading through the comments left by readers of the New York Times article. These comments provide great insight into the public perception of this issue. Public perception is one reason all brokers should be contacting their legislators. It's important that your legislators understand your job, the value you provide and how you help to make the health insurance marketplace more competitve and user friendly.

Let's not forget what a terrific job NAHU has done on this issue at the national level. Without the work being done by our Association, we wouldn't be where we are. This is a true testament to value of membership in BAHU, MAHU and NAHU.

New York Times Article

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Politico Article

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