Legislative Information

The Legislative Committee of the Baltimore Association of Health Underwriters works to provide it's members with local and state updates concerning legislative issues and is just one of several organizations working on behalf of members. This page is intended to be used as a resource for members. Local and state updates will be posted regularly on this page and the Legislative Blog.



National Updates
Maryland Updates From NAHU

Legislative Organizations:
The organizations listed below are constantly working to represent the members of the Assocations of Health Underwriters on both a state and national level. These organizations are committed to protecting the valuable work being done by licensed health insurance brokers along the interests of the clients they represent. Visit the websites listed below for additional information and resources.

Maryland Association of Health Underwriters
Health Underwriters Political Action Committee
National Association of Health Underwriters

Your Stories are Needed
Do you have a client that is willing to talk about the valuable services you provide? Client testimonials outlining their need for a broker can provide a tremendous impact with legislators. If you have a client that is willing to share their story or a client that is willing to become involved, you are encouraged to contact the Health Insurance Buyers and Brokers Coalition and the NAHU making a difference website.

NAHU: Brokers Making a Difference
Real Life Testimonials